For the past 17 years, we have been making costumes for feature films, theatre, ads and TV shows. DADA is the only Romanian company that manages to make costumes for successful productions from all over the world. Year after year, in our own workshops.

We're proud to have worked with costume designers nominated for the Oscars or the Caesar awards.

We are proud that the DADA workshops are mentioned on film credits such as: Cold Mountain, Le Perfume, Nunta Muta, Johanna the Pope, Chucky, Le Concert, Borat, Mirrors, Anaconda, Highlander or Beowolf.

These productions gave us the opportunity to contribute to the image of several great actors. We measured and dressed up Dustin Hoffman, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Steven Segal, Wesley Snipes, Elizabeth Hurley and many others.

DADA is a world of films and costumes, of fashion, of a creative and sophisticated lifestyle. The artists feel great with us, as we understand, love and help them.

DADA tailors are not professionals; they are alchemists!

"In 1985, when I signed the costumes for my first film - "Domnisoara Aurica" - I didn't dream that I would ever be able to get my own workshop.

I never dreamt I would enjoy complete freedom to create costumes until 2003, when we managed to build the Fabrika Dada workshop.

In the meantime, I made the costumes for the films I worked for in various workshops: Buftea, the National Theatre, the Opera. It was very difficult to work with people whose schedule finished at 16 sharp, and I URGENTLY needed a modification at 16.30 or late at night.

Back then, the only solution was to go to the tailor's home, whom I had to convince with a thousand smiles and some money slipped in his pocket. And the tailor's home meant: a living room on the 10th floor, in a building in the Bucharest outskirts or a bedroom in a house with many tenants.

Sometimes, for more complicated costumes, I even had to take the actors to the tailor's home. In the 90s, American actors I had just started working were introduced to the Buftea tailor's wife, children and grandchildren.

Nowadays, the Fabrika DADA workshops have their own building and offer all the comfort and logistic assistance for the designers who wish to produce the costumes they create. The specialized tailors form the same team we built back in 2003.

We gained experience by working with designers from various countries who all had what to teach us.

The first super-production Fabrika DADA made the costumes for was Cold Mountain (costume designers: Ann Roth and Carlo Pogioli). Then we had more projects to work on with Pierre Yves Gayraud for Perfume - the History of a Murderer, Sa Majeste Minor or The Three Musketeers, and with Esther Walz for Treasure Island, Johanna the Pope and Isenhart.
The dozens of floors we climbed on foot when the lift wasn't working were fully rewarded."


In the DADA workshop, our alchemist tailors are prepared for any type of project: long features, TV ads and productions. All these need a large range of skills, which involves a complex team: designer, illustrator, pattern cutter, tailors.

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The working method, which prepares the creative solutions, is very rigorous and well-timed: the script is studied in detail, we carry out research regarding the styles and fabrics, we discuss with the stage designer or even with the director.

The basement is reserved for the printing workshop, but also for the patina workshop.

The DADA team works with young "patina" artists who, by using specific tools, bleach and re-dying, manage to make the clothes look as if they have been worn for many years.
After the clothes come from the sewing machine, they get holes, cuts and patches.

Ground floor: The restaurant - showroom, the perfect place for a business lunch or simply a coffee break.
The DADA restaurant is also a concept-store for those who wish to multi task during their meal.

1st floor/ 2nd floor: The clothing workshop, the place where you have high chances of meeting the film crews:
the designers, the production assistants, the tailors, the film costume pattern cutters, etc.

3rd floor: The leather work workshop, the place where the ideas on the paper become prototypes or real art objects after a manufacture full of perfection and harmony.

4th floor: The studio, the space for offices and creation. This place can be yours if you want it, so that you are able to create but also have the production workshop at arm's length.

Invaded by the natural light passing through the glass walls, which offer a relaxed view of Bucharest, this can be your office for the entire duration of the project!